How to add component variations?

스크린샷 2021-05-27 07.12.33

I’m now making a variable hangul font that each jamo can move around.
Well… I need 3 different positions for one component and I add a new glyph for each. But the problem is that I don’t know how to apply those variations!

1 the centered one (Maybe 1500 glyphs include this component)

2 the righted one ( about 600)

3 the lefted one (about 800)

as you can see there are 3 kiyeokJong.ko! I can categorize all hangul glyphs into 3 types. However, I cannot find how to replace a particular component to the new one.

And I already read this article below.
In my case, Hangul already formed from recipes. So, I just want to simply replace one component to another.

Is there a plugin or something?

Just select your component and click on the left panel info where you see his name (you already see it on your picture). It open a windows where you can search and select the component needed.
Else for several glyphs in same time: script Mekkablue in Component menu > search and replace