How to add winAscent parameter to Font Info

Hello, this appears to be an unintended UI behaviour: If I want to add the winAscent parameter to Font Info > Font (since somehow it is omitted by Rainer’s Vertical Metrics Manager), the custom parameter selector defaults to “Use Typo Metrics” when I type “winAscent”. It is impossible to add the winAscent parameter, since I cannot deselect the Use Typo Metrics parameter in the parameter picker UI.

The winAscent/winDescent should only be added in masters of instances.

Why? I have a project with 18 masters. Setting the same vertical metrics parameters in every master seems very redundant. Setting them in the Font Info > Font tab works just as well and is much more manageable.

You can add the parameter for all master at once.
That it works on the font is not intentional. Or a leftover from something else.

Interesting. I find it much more useful that way.

It will not be scaled properly when changing UPM on export.

This goes in The same direction - I think it would be super useful if you could add your instances into folders. And then be able to apply settings and parameters to those folders.
E.g. when you want to add a setting like variable style name you could add it to the folder and write “condensed $weightClass”
Then you would only need to write it once.

You can select multiple instances and edit them all at the same time, for example, adding or editing a custom parameter.

Thanks for the reply.
I know that you can select them all, but that is only useful if they all share the exact same value. Which is very rare.
That’s why you should be able to group them in folders and add setting/parameters that contain values like $weightClass, $widthClass, $italic.
Cause if you have over 30 instance it takes time to edit, hard to get an overview and more likely for typo-errors.

I can picture the grouping into folders, but what would $weightClass etc. be? Predefined values, or are these variable that you define yourself? When used, would they be replaced by names or numbers? For example, what would

be expanded to? And where would the value come from?

Basically it would be something like this:

Where you set the values on the folder. So you don’t have to set them in 72 instances.
Kind of like templates.

And then the instances will get the values from the FamilyName, Weight Class, Width Class and so forth. The idea being you don’t have to format all the input boxes manually.
Something like this:

We are working on improving the instance settings management.

You already can use something similar. e.g. put that into the style name: {{{weightClassUI}}} {{{widthClassUI}}} That particular example, specially the widthClass, is not very useful, as the names are not meant as style names.

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