How to automate Glyphs export?

You don’t need to instantiate the error. Just pass a references to the variable. And if an error occurs, the error will be created and ascend to that reference. Normally I do: NSError *error = nil;

TTFPath is the full paths to the final.ttf file. The var tables will be added to it.

Thank you.

changed it to
BOOL result = [exporter writeVARTables:@"/Users/Mark/Desktop/testste.ttf" destination:destination instance:[thisFont.instances firstObject] error:&error];

Find it a bit confusing to provide the destination as a path, but also the full path to the final file now. This is probably not correct on my side?

Still getting this set of logs:

SFNTReader.initWithPath: Not a TrueType or OpenType font at: /Users/Mark/Desktop/testste.ttf (not enough data)
… Problem generating fvar
… ___ Error Domain=GSGlyphsDomain Code=987 "Please define an 'Axes' parameter in Font Info > Font" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Please define an 'Axes' parameter in Font Info > Font}