How to build Tse-cy and Dzhe-cy properly?

How do I build Tse-cy and Dzhe-cy properly with components and anchors?
I am aware of the »descender-cy« component with its anchor.
Tse and Dzhe could be build nicely from a turned Pe-cy plus descender-cy.
But glyphs seem to ignore anchors when the baseglyph is flipped‽

If it would work with turned components – how to manage anchors?
Pe-cy needs its bottomright anchor for its own Pedescender-cy …


I dont think there is a “proper” way to do this.
Personally, I use a non-exporting glyph that I call _Tse for lack of a better name. This glyph is made up of upside down Pi or Pe-cy, but I add the correct anchors in it so the automation can still work.
I then use descender-cy with bottomright and descender-cy.alt with bottom to build all the similar glyphs. This is just one way to do it.

FYI, I believe anchors do work with flipped components, it’s just that their names get changed. Top becomes bottom and vice versa if you flip it vertically and right becomes left and vice versa when you flip it horizontally.

That works, thanks! (This is a “proper way”!)
@GeorgSeifert But it is a little bit buggy for me:
Sometimes it works, sometimes not …
One thing: I missed this anchor symbol to allocate the descender-cy to top/bottom or topleft/bottomright anchor.

The anchor button is only used for alternate anchors e.g., in ligatures (top_1, top_2 …).

If that would work, it was the proper way I was looking for:
Place in the Pe-cy the anchors topleft_1 and topleft_2 (centered, instead of top)
and then just flip the Pe-cy and assign descender-cy to one of the two.

(@GeorgSeifert But it seems not to work together with that flip thing.)

I have a look at the anchor button with transformed components. But I would not misuse the ligature anchors but add a ‘top’ and ‘topleft’ in the Pe and a ‘_bottom’ and ‘_bottomright’ in the descender.