How to change default numbers from proportional to tabular?

I want to modify an existing Opens Source font that have tabular and proportional numbers built-in. But my need would be to have the tabular numbers instead of the proportional numbers as default. I need this so when the font is used in a software that cannot access the Opentype features, it’s the tabular numbers that are used. Like in PowerPoint, the software cannot access the Opentype feature, so right now it’s showing the proportional numbers. I need the tabular numbers expressly for this font because we use that font mostly for financial tables.
My only solution right now is to simply delete all numbers other than the tabular and rename the numbers to the default name. But I would like to keep all the different numbers to use is software compatible with OpenType.
Thanks for the help.

Just rename the default proportional glyphs to *.osf or *.lf (whichever applies). Then remove the appendix on the tabular lining figures. Open the font info window, choose features, update, generate font. Done.

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Thanks. Besides a bug that crashes the program when I’m at the last digit, this works.

Can you explain what you did exactly to produce the crash?

When I change the name of the number nine, form “nine.lf” to “nine”, Glyphs crashes. I tried many times and it always crashes. I had to copy the glyph and info of the number to where I wanted the number to move and then delete the glyph.
Apple Mac Studio Max M1 - Ventura 13.4.1

Have you send the crash report that shows up when you restart the app?

And what version of Glyphs do you use?

No I have not. I wanted to try to replicate the bug from the beginning. Was it just the number 9 having a problem or was it the last remaining number. I could do it again and do a crash report then.

And what version of Glyphs do you have?

I have the latest version that I downloaded this week : 3.1.2 (3151)

Please send all crash reports with the dialog that comes up when you restart the app.

And could you try the latest cutting edge version (activate it in Preferences > Update)?

I did install the cutting edge version, and now, I’m not able to reproduce the problem anymore.