How to compare 2 fonts for differences in Glyphs app Api

I made a script using Robofab’s DigestPointPen function…

But i was wondering if there’s a way to do that just using Glyphs App native functions.

        p1 = DigestPointPen()
        d1 = p1.getDigest()

        p2 = DigestPointPen()
        d2 = p2.getDigest()

        if d1 != d2:

You could just step through all paths and nodes like in my gspy snippet, and collect all info.

There is a convenience function roughly equivalent to the DigestPointStructurePen though, intended for verifying compatibility: GSLayer.compareString()

Oh thanks, I’ll check it out, would the compareString() check that all the points are the same though?

No. It just gives you information about the structure like this: oocoocoocoocooc_oocoocoocloocoocoocoocoocoocoocoocooc_