How to copy/import entire Font Info to another font?

Is there a way to copy the entire Font Info to another font. Or even the first Name Tab? Maybe importing from an existing font? Does anyone already have a script? Thank You.

The basic font info can’t be copied. Only custom parameter, masters and instances can be copied.

I have something but not published yet.

Any news on this?

It would be helpful

If you do it very often, it would be best to write a quick script. Or duplicate the font file.

I had a GUI solution but it didn’t quite work as expected, that is why I never published it. And since this scenario was rather rare for me, it is not high on my list.

What exactly would you use it for?

• Make nearly the entire font info of Regular identical to Italic: „Family“
• Nearly the complete first page (Designer, Copyright etc.) and some OT features of the many, many fonts for my client/foundry should be identical: „Corporate“
• Alignment zones can not be copied until now!
• etc.

For Corporate, I use a script that sets my credentials. Not so much for time saving, rather for making sure there is no typo and they are exactly the same.

And Family is rare. It’s like once per font family development, if at all. And after the corporate credentials, there is not that much left that can’t be copied. Features and parameters can be copied.

I admit it can be optimized a little further. But you won’t save much life time.

I plan the rework the font info that will make it possible to copy paste all info. But that will be done for a future version.

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I don’t have that script. And to copy the 10 fields of the name pages in two or sometimes more files needs ten times to
𝄆 choose, copy, switch to the other window, choose, paste, switch back 𝄇

From the other hand you could say: everybody needs it once for each (family) project. And as we are all sometimes confused and for checking we need it more often.

Where, when and how may I make suggestions?

We can discuss that the next time we meet :wink:

It’s very straight forward:

#MenuTitle: Set Schriftlabor Credentials
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Sets Copyright etc. to Schriftlabor.

import time

thisFont = Glyphs.font # frontmost font
thisYear = time.gmtime()[0]

thisFont.designer = "Schriftlabor"
thisFont.designerURL = ""

thisFont.manufacturer = "Schriftlabor"
thisFont.manufacturerURL = ""
thisFont.copyright = u"Copyright © %i by Schriftlabor. All rights reserved." % thisYear

thisFont.customParameters["vendorID"] = "Slab"

Change what needs to be changed, save it to your scripts folder, reload scripts.

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:gift: praise to @mekkablue

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