How to copy metric keys from one master to the other?

Hi there,

I’ve set all my metric keys in one master but I can’t find a way to bring this information to the other master.
I don’t want to alter the metrics of the receiving master, I just need to have the same metric linking relationships and avoid to have to type everything again.

Is there a way to do it?


Metrics keys are normally applied to all masters. Or do you have them in different file? Then you can use Paste Special (hold down the opt key when opening the edit menu) to copy them from one font to the other.

Strange, I have both masters in the same file, but when I switch from one to the other, I only see the linking information of only one master.

did you add them with two equal signs?

OK, I see it now. Key metrics seems to be in both masters but ‘auto’ wasn’t because the second master is missing the anchors. Thanks.
Isn’t any auto metrics keys script somewhere?

Metrics keys and automatic alignment are two different things.

“Paste special” is greyed out when I access the edit menu, :confused: any idea?

My goal is to copy/paste the outlines across different masters, plus replicate lsb rsb and all other metrics.

Paste Spezial works only in Font View.

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Thanks, but it works only from font to another, doesn’t do anything between Masters, any idea please?

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I have 4 masters, and Basically no matter what I do, I can’t paste any info into the glyphs in 2nd 3rd and 4th master, I can paste data only in the first Master, any idea why?!

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Which outlines? Outlines from one of the masters?

Yes that’s right,

in detail the workflow that I’m trying to follow is:

I have a Latin font 4 weights (regular, medium, bold and black), and I need to create 4 Arabic matching ones, so
I opened each weight as a glyph file, updated all glyphs info, then went to the regular one and merged the other 3 weights into it as masters, so I got all in one file, so far so good.

now Started adding the Arabic glyphs on the regular master (layer) done all, I still have 1 instance for exporting/testing, works when tested.

now trying to build the other weights, I need to start with the Black version, but all the Arabic glyphs have different LSB RSB from the regular one which I designed, the idea is I don’t want to start every weight from scratch, I want to start the Black based on the regular, so tried to copy glyphs from regular paste special into black (nothing happens!!).

BTW I’m not planning to use any interpolation between masters, I just need 4 maters, then the plan is to create instances from masters, 4-4, and get all weights in one file that’s all.

I hope my problem is clear to you by now :confused:

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I replied, please have alook :slight_smile:

Sorry that it took so long. I fixed it.