How to define a glyph as Mark

I have created a new glyph “fathaAlefabove-ar”.
How do I define it as a “Mark” glyph?


Edit > Info for Selection

But if it is a ligature of two marks, consider a name like fatha_alefabove-ar and the app can figure it out by itself.

Thanks for the reply.

I took the naming of “shaddaAlefabove-ar” as an example.
“Info for Selection” did the job for me.


If you need some ad hoc glyphs that are only used as marks in composite glyphs, then you could name them _name and Glyphs would then automatically set it to not export. The beginning underscore convention is also used in anchors, so that if you have an anchor in a ‘mark’ glyph, then you name that anchor _anchor and anchor in the base glyph, then Glyphs will now how to combine these two in composite glyphs.