How to define GDEF

How to define GDEF in Glyphsapp?

GDEF is controlled by the glyph name and glyph info as set forth in the glyph data. You can override in a specific .glyphs file by choosing Edit > Info for Selection in font view.

table GDEF {
GlyphClassDef ,# Base
, # Liga
[knmAA knmI knmII knmU knmUU knmvR knmvRR knmvL knmvLL knmE knmEE knmAI knmO knmOO knmAU knLengthmark knAIlengthmark knCandrabindu knVirama knNukta knmvR.following knmvRR.following knAIlengthmark.following knRAc2_mvR knRAc2_mvRR knRAc2_Lengthmark knRAc2_AIlengthmark], # Mark

I am failing to understand what defines this above table.

Is it Category or Sub-Category?
all glyphs with “Mark” Category is not in the above table.
what defines the Glyphs as a “BASE”?
Category “Letter” or Sub-Category “Letter”?
Same thing with ligature?

Combining marks go in there. Perhaps it also needs to appear in mark/mkmk, i.e. needs to contain anchors. The ones you have in the GDEF Mark definition probably do, right?

marks need to be category = Mark and subCategory = Nonspacing or Spacing Combining. Base are all glyphs that are not Marks and Ligatures and have anchors.

All marks are not listed in GDEF
I am not seeing a pattern, how some are selected and some are ignored!

Should I rename all the glyphs to Glyphsapp convention?

Did you verify their glyph info (Cmd-Opt-I)?


Can you send me the font?

I had a look at the file. Most marks were set to subcategory ‘Spacing’. But what you need is ‘Spacing Combining’: