How to disable Empty base glyph warning?


I create a new font with basic Latin glyphs and then add empty Cyrillic letters. In some of Cyrillic glyphs I have an icon with “Empty base glyph” warning.

Here they are: A-cy, Ve-cy, Ie-cy, Em-cy, En-cy, O-cy, Er-cy, Es-cy, Te-cy, Ha-cy, I-cy, a-cy, ie-cy, o-cy, er-cy, es-cy, u-cy, ha-cy, i-cy

I understand that they have the same forms in both scripts and Glyphs App thinks that I will start with Latin ones. But when I am working with Ukrainian logo, I’m using my Cyrillic slots first. And I don’t need components in Ukrainian letters made from Latin. At the same time, I don’t want to remove Latin glyphs from the font because I can use them later in my workflow.

So have I any way to disable this behavior to have gray letter placeholder (like in other glyphs) instead of “Empty base” icon?

You can click on the placeholder and delete it. But you might keep is as it is a component pointing to another glyph. As soon as you put something in that, it will show up.

Thanks, Georg! But I prefer in some cases to draw in my Cyrillic glyphs first, not in Latin. And component placeholder makes it difficult to distinguish between Ukrainian letters on the beginning of my work. And removing the component seems like a tiring action. But I cant to change this, right?

You can have your own GlyphData.xml. With just the changes you need.

Or you can select then the glyphs after creation and choose Edit > Clear.


Thanks, Rainer! This is the solution I was looking for. Easier than I thought)