How to edit the underscore in glyphs mini?

I am new to making fonts and wanted to change the weight of the underscore of my font to better match the look of my font. I have glyphs mini and I was wondering if this is possible to do in glyphs mini and if it is possible, how would I go about doing it?

Does your font already contain an underscore glyph? If not, press the plus icon in located in the bottom left in Font View to create a new glyph. Click the glyph name, enter an underscore character _ and press Return. The glyph will be renamed to underscore.

Double-click the glyph to edit it in Edit View.

Sorry, I completely misspoke. I don’t think I meant underscore. What I mean is I wanted to change the underline where if you use the font in another app, you could underline a word, sentence, or paragraph with a thicker line. Is there any way to change that underline in glyphs mini to match a thicker font?

This is the line I was referring to. Is it possible to edit the underline?

I don’t think this can be controlled in Glyphs Mini. In Glyphs 3, you can set the underlineThickness and underlinePosition custom parameters for this.

Ok, thanks. I have a really old version of glyphs mini and I am thinking of upgrading to Glyphs 3. If I upgraded, where would I change the underlinethickness and underline position.

In FileFont Info…MastersCustom Parameters.

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Thanks, that is really helpful.

Sorry to bug you again. I am trying the free trial of glyphs 3 before I buy it. How do you preview what the underline will look like in glyphs. Also, is there a way to round the corners of the underline?

Go to WindowPlugin Manager and search for “Underline”. Then, click the green “Install” button next to the “Show Underline” plugin:

Plugins are loaded when Glyphs is launched, so you need to relaunch Glyphs after installing the plugin.

Now, in Edit View there is an underline button U in the bottom right of the window. Click it to show a preview of the the underline:

No, this is not controlled by the font, but by the application displaying the underline. A font can only control the thickness and the position of the underline.

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And a lot of apps actually ignore the values in the font.


Yes. Be aware that just because you add the custom parameters as described, doesn’t mean that the underline will appear in every app you use the font in.