How to: Edit tracking of an whole Type

Hey there,

I tried to edit the tracking of an existing typeface…and failed. Is it possible? Similar to the Indesign-function?

Take a look at this two-minute video:

Does it answer your question?


thanks for reply mekka. Unfortunately not.
I was hoping to edit all letters with one command at once. For example to add 30 units right side for all letters. batch processing style :slight_smile:
Is it possible or do i have to edit the spacing rules for every letter?

btw i edited some Letters just for checking and added random units right side on it. After exporting my fontagent showed up my changes in preview mode. Unfortunately when i used the typeface in indesign nothing happend. why?

thanks a lot!

Oh, sure. Filters > Transformations > Metrics and activate the Relative option.

As for your second question, this sounds like font or cache conflict. Do not use Fontbook, use the Adobe fonts folder instead:


thanks a lot! awesome.