How to Escape # sign for macro script

I’d like a macro script to generate some kern list, and append # automatic code at the beginning of it. How to write the # sign not to be considered a comment inside the macro window?


Not sure what you mean. This works:

comment = "#test"

I have something like

myInstance.customParameters['Replace Feature'] = 'kern; '

and than the script appends many lines of kerns.
I’d like the 1st line of the list to be # automatic code

tried this

myInstance.customParameters['Replace Feature'] = 'kern; #automatic code '

but it doesn’t work

What “doesn’t work”? It works for me?

I would build the feature code first and then assign it to the parameter at the end.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 12.58.30

# automatic code does never appear in my list (should appear as line 1)
BTW I still have the issue with these kernings I want to add to the font. You sohuld have received several emails about it.

Can you show you full script?

I’ve sent it to you via email