How to export a fea file and then import another?

Am I missing something in export-import? Or do I have to copy and past feature by feature?

Copy/Paste is the only way I know of.

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If you want to work with external files, you can also use an include(somefile.fea); rule to include an external file (placed next to the .glyphs file).

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Thanks everyone! I opted for the copy paste as the non-coders way out :wink:

If you ever need to do this again, I have a script that does just that: save the current features as an external .fea file. It’s not on GitHub but I can send it to you if you want (ask in pm)


@joachimvu Why not collect your scripts in a repo, and we’ll add it to the Plugin Manager.

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That would be great! Thanks!

@mekkablue yes! For now I have everything in a private repo that also include private stuff but I’ll get around to release what I can at some point!

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Hello, Can I have access to this script? thank you.

Please remove your email.

You could repurpose some code in my UFO script for this. Here is a function that collects features into a dict which you can write out however you would like (there is a function just below that can accomplish this) - font-scripts/Glyphs/Export UFO and designspace at master · jpt/font-scripts · GitHub

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