How to generate variable fonts with Glyphs?

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Is there any guide somewhere on how to generate variable fonts with Glyphs?


I guide is coming. But for the most parts, the only thing you need to do is to add an Axes parameter and give your axes a name. Then you can also define the Axis Location for each master. That is useful if your weight interpolation does not match the weight class values that are required for the weight axis.

Brace layers are supported but bracket layers are not (yet). Kerning will not be varied, too.

Any news about this guide or if you guys know where to find info on how to start building var fonts?


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Any idea of when is going to be possible to have interpolated kerning in Glyphs-generated variable fonts? I think without this feature they won’t very usable.

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That already works in the latest betas.

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@mekkablue quick one, are you going to post a tutorial on the glyphs app website about this? or Glyphs Manual PDF update?

For now, a tutorial. New handbook version is in the works too, though.

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