How to get handles to straight line?

  1. Sometimes I import glyphs where handle bars are misaligned
  2. Its easy enough to align them horizontally or vertically
  3. but this is what I want - both nodes should be “connected”
  4. resulting in a node where the entire “line” moves even if I only grab on of the nodes

After many years with Glyphs I still haven’t figured out how to achieve this without removing and adding new points, and would very much like to learn how to do this the easy way! Thanks!

Du difference is the color of the node. Blue means it is a corner and green it is smooth. Select a blue node and hit enter or double click it to make it green. Then move one of the handles to align the other.

Here is my workflow in cases like this:

  1. Select the nodes and handles you want to align
  2. Press Cmd-Shift-A for Paths > Align Selection to align them
  3. Repeat 1+2 for other situations in the same glyph
  4. Paths > Tidy Up Paths (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T) to recalculate the green/blue state


Thank you very much! (And what a perfectly elegant solution for said problem. cheers!)

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