How to go back to lower cutting-edge version

new version 3123/3124 crash frequently when trying to remove overlap. I want to go back

Look for the older versions tutorial.

I keep a handy download-list of previous versions in case the current cutting edge is cutting too much:

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The crash should happen in an the older versions to. As there where no changes with that code recently.

The reports indicate that there is an empty path. You can see them with the “Show master compatibility” reporter. They show up as something at the origin point.

Thank you very much. Always precise answers.

I turned back to Glyphs3.0.5-3121 which proves to be more stable and no crash until now, from morning to evening.

I use trace image plugin daily to generate path, after eiditing, i will remove olverlap (shift+command+O), then the app will crash immediately without any warning , just closed.
Moreover, 3123/3124 exporting font take much longer time. .
Just for your reference.

Could you please send me the file that show the slow export?

Sorry, i can not send you the file under development.
Maybe you can ask this guy to check the problem as we faced the same.

If you encounter crashes, please send each crash report and add your user name that I can recognize it. That helps a lot fixing it.

When you can reproduce the remove Overlap crash, could you send me at least that glyph (before you removed the overlap)?

I will try to do that. Since 3121 is more stalbe, crash did not happen so frequently.

Could you use the latest version for a bit that you can send a couple of crash reports? That would be super useful.

ok. soon

I got one
未命名.zip (28.6 KB)

After the crash, it seems the glyph file has been saved well. The next time I open the file and press shift+command+o, there won’t be crash any more. So, when crashing, it also correctly remove overlaps successfully??

Can you send the report work the dialog that comes up when you restart the app.

I sent the report twice with my id

Could you send me a file that shows this?

sorry. i can not send the file. while, it’s package type i saved.