How to group/lock all existing kerning pairs

I did all kerning pairs for latin uppercase/lowercase letters, etc, designed required marks, set up anchors.
After that I generate Western/Central/South European glyphs.

All kerning for generated glyphs was not migrated by default. I setup left/right kerning group. But… it still doesn’t apply because I need to lock/group it:

after that everything works.

But the problem is that I have almost 1.5k pairs and lock everything is time consuming.

Can you please suggest me how to speedup this? Or what should I do from the beginning to avoid similar problem in future.

Thanks in advance,

Click the cog icon at the bottom right of the kerning window and click “Compress”. It will try to group pairs as much as possible.

FYI, “Clean Up” erases pairs that cannot happen (e.g. because one of the pair is not in the font).

Thank you very much! Works great. You are the best!

If I have a look at the small piece of kerning in your screenshot I think you have to many kerning pairs. e.g. if the RC needs a kerning of 90 units, the spacing is really off. Both glyphs have a kind of regular shape and should work without any kerning. The first thing you could do is to set an italic angle in Font Info > Masters. Then look for the most regular letter and type it out several time. Find a left and right side bearing that the distance between them looks nice. Then put all letters, one by one between them adjust the spacing. And only for asymmetric glyphs like T, A, V (in a ‘normal’ font, in your case it may vary) need some kerning.

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