How to have a glyphs variants on Arabic Font?

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Just asking how I can have many variants of such glyph on arabic font

the Noon Final and it’s variant .

The Kaf initial & medial and it’s variants.

Depending on the kind of variant, you will need to find an appropriate OT feature and name the glyph accordingly, i.e. with the proper dot suffix. If it is a generic style variant, then use one of the stylistic sets (.ss01 through .ss20), .swsh if it is a swash, etc.

Two notes:

  1. You need to test if the app you want to use the font in actually supports the feature. E.g., Illustrator still does not support stylistic sets.
  2. Some features can be automated based on glyph naming like this. Find a list of such features in the appendix of the handbook.

Some of the stuff you are showing here, like the kaf, looks more like a contextual alternate. These you have to code yourself. There are tutorials on coding contextual alternates.


You can do that. Just add some glyphs like noon-ar.fina.long01 and noon-ar.fina.long02. Then you need to decide how you like to access them.

One way would be to use stylistic sets. The feature ss01 would be the slightly longer, ss02 the next step…

One other way would be to respond to kashidas. each additional kashida would switch to the next bigger glyph.

With the kaf, you might activate it by context. That means every time a certain glyph is before or after it it will be used. Or you use stylistic sets again.


Thanks mekkablue & Georg, I’am new switcher from Fontlab application that I used since it’s early versions…
I’am a designer of many arab types & fonts used on many Arab TV, press since 90’s… but the workflow " Fontlab + VOLT " was very hard, and disappointed me…
I’am also very tired of waiting of an hypothetic Fontlab 6…
Many years ago, I’v tried Glyphs app demo first release … i was surprised but not convinced with it… but now, I discover that Glyphs app had make a huge updates with many features that was in my dreams :wink:
So still confusing with Glyphs interface, and still testing and learning it, and your forum is wonderful and precious place, so be patient and indulgent with a newbie like me :wink:

The font I’am working on, is designed to be used with Indesign and Apple Motion / Final Cut Pro X…
the beta version work perfectly on indesign but not on Apple Motion / FCP X…
Can Glyphs generate an GX AAT fonte ? Fontlab Cannot !

Glyphs can generate AAT fonts. But it is a bit more complicated. You need to have to Apple font tools installed in the system and then write your MORX code yourself and put it a ‘Feature Prefix’ with the name “morx”.

Writing morx code is not easy and I never did more complicated stuff with it. I’m in talk with Apple to improve on that and if there is someone who needs it, I can push that a bit further.

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Wonderful Stylistic sets Feature ! it works like a charm. Everyday i’m amazingly surprised by Glyphs app… many thanks to GoergSeifert & Mekkablue. next step, & hard step, implementing GX AAT code in my font :wink: