How to incorporate English font into Chinese font bag

I am modifying the English font for a set of Chinese fonts.
This set of Chinese fonts already has English fonts, but we want to redesign the new one.

This Chinese fonts are not designed with glyphs. When I use glyphs to open this Chinese font package, some of the parameters will be confused (because it is not the general parameters of glyphs) So I can’t refer to the Chinese parameters to make the Chinese and English consistent.

Now,I have completed the English fonts. So I would like to ask: how to incorporate these English fonts into the Chinese font package?

Should I delete the original English font first, then copy and paste it? Or still using glyphs to open Chinese font packages and then go straight to English?

Can the font name of Glyphs be Chinese?Now the Chinese character library shows in the Chinese name, if it is named in English and then I export the font, it becomes another font package.

I don’t know how to solve this problem,so hope to hear your solution.

The cleanest option would be to remove the original Latin laters and then copy paste the new letters.

You might need to adjust the vertical metrics to the new design.

And to add Chinese font names, use localizedFamilyName and localizedStyleName custom parameters.