How to keep the light grey symbol in background?

Hi guys,

I’m new to glyphs. I want to extend a pixel font which I made for my game with an online tool.
So far I’m well set up, but now when I start editing, the light grey symbol in background disappears and I can’t figure out a way to get it back.
But I need that visible.
How can I do it?

Do you mean the placeholder glyph? It is only shown for empty glyphs so that you don’t see blank glyph boxes. If you want a reference image in the background, you can drag an image file onto a glyph.

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Yes, the placeholder. So with the background image, that needs to be done for each symbol then?
The online tool I used had them in background all time, found that very comfortable

You can also use the Show Character plug-in, available for free in Window > Plugin Manager. It makes sense to keep the character around if you are working with uniXXXX names (e.g., in CJK), but not in the background. It would disturb the drawing.