How to "link" handles to one another?

I’ve noticed that a number of typefaces construct their letterforms by “linking” their handles to one another. I know its possible to achieve this within Glyphs, but can’t find this feature documented in the glyphs manual. Any idea how to activate/deactivate this?

The “linked” curves or handles that you are referring are quadratic curves. You can convert between curve types with Paths > Other > Convert to Cubic or Convert to Quadratic.

TrueType fonts use quadratic curves, while OTFs tend to use cubic curves. So if you were to design a font using cubic curves and export it as a TTF, it’ll automatically be converted to use quadratic curves. Inversely, a font designed using quadratic curves but exported as an OTF will be converted to use cubic curves.


Thanks for the info and insight, @mattymatt!

There was some discussion about curve conversion just the other day: Lossless conversion between quadratic and cubic Bézier curves

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