How to load non-encoded glyphs to current edit tab

I would like to load non-encoded glyphs to current edit tab.

For encoded glyphs, just type to load them to current edit tab, but how about non-encoded?

For the case of uni9022 “逢” and its jp90 variant /uni9022.jp90, I could not find other ways but by select the glyph in tile view mode and then Command-T to load /uni9022.jp90 to new tab.

Is there any workaround for this?

Try Find > Find… (Cmd-F) and start typing the glyph name in the dialog that pops up.

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I could load the glyph via find dialog, thanks.

About search string field at find dialog, it seems to me that access via Japanese Input method is disabled and is it possible to enable it?

Currently, we are using a CID number in Full width character to load the corresponding character via Google Japanese Input Method adding ‘1125’ for ‘亜’ to the user dictionary.

And if the dialog accepts the input method, it would be much easier to load non-enocoded glyphs adding similar item ‘1133’ for ‘uni9022.jp90’ to the user dictionary.

The dialog finds a glyph and is therefore unrelated to the input method. If you can access it with a feature, you can simply type it in edit view and activate the OpenType feature in the popup in the lower left corner.

The dialog finds glyphs by its name. Not all fonts use Adobe-Japan-1 ROS, so input by CID is rather limited.