How to make data Unicode Emoji Symbols

I have wanted to make Emoji Symbols.

Use the “Typhoon” described as an example.

We typed “uni1F300” to “input field newGlyph”.
We typed “1F300” to “input field Unicode”.
I created a font in this state.
However, the font that is generated “Typhoon” in Adobe Illustrator will not be displayed.
Do you have any special settings or how to create a Emoji Symbols?

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    Production environment
  • MacOSX10.7.4 Ja
  • Glyphs Pro 1.3.7 (340) *Buy in the AppStore

uni1F300 is the correct name. I’ll check on the Illustrator workflow later (I am not at a Mac right now).

No, you need to call the glyph “u1F300” (it is only a u for upper plane glyphs).

We typed “u1F300” to “input field newGlyph”.
Was displayed correctly in Adobe IllustratorCS5.1 .
Thank you!

You do not need to make a new glyph all the time. Just rename an existing glyph.

Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know that. Two annotations:
  1. Glyphs will still display the correct Unicode if it is called “uni1xxxx”. But this is misleading since in the final OTF, the glyph does not have that Unicode assignment anymore. Perhaps Glyphs should allow “uni1xxxx” naming and rename to “u1xxxx” at export time?

  2. I believe Font > Update Glyph Info should catch “uni1xxxx” and rename it to “u1xxxx”.

Thank you for reply!
We make sure that you can also rename fix.

Emoji Symbols, it may represent a single character using the Unicode code point of the two.
Etc. notation “country” “number” for example.

Please let consultation Also, if you do not know how to make that have been examined.