how to make font thicker?

hey, i am new to glyphs and want to create a handwriting as my first project, now i have the problem that some of the letters are too thin and some are too thick. is there a way to balance it all? Unfortunately I didn’t find anything on the subject. can someone help me?

What exactly do you envision to happen? What do your current outlines look like?

For a quick and dirty method, select your outlines and select the Offset Curve filter (there are multiple filters that achieve the same result). You can enter a negative value to make your outlines “thinner”.

Bear in mind that this method is destructive, meaning you will lose your original paths. Create a backup layer (+ button in the layer palette on the right) or paste them to the background (Cmd+A, Cmd+J) beforehand.

Also consider using the Stroke property for a path in the bottom right, this is non-destructive. A far more powerful tool is