How to manage monospace and proportional font in same file?

Hello, I have proportional and monospace variants in one same Glyphs file. I added instance for “Myfamily Mono”, with the following custom parameters: Rename Glyphs (with all .mono glyphs being renamed to their proportional counterpart), Remove Glyphs (set to “*.mono”) and isFixedPitch.

I found that isFixedPitch set the width of all my glyphs to the space character, so I added a .monospace number values in all masters.

However, this breaks my Glyphs file: all glyphs are now set to this width value. I hoped to set this value only for my monospace exports.

Is there any way to have both variants in one file like I do?

The isFixedPitch and .monospace settings are only useful for fully monospace fonts.
To sync the width of the monospace glyphs, you can use metrics keys.
I’ll need to check if the instance can get a isFixedPitch setting.

An instance can get an isFixedPitch parameter. It’s available in the custom parameters. However, it applies the width of the normal space character, which in my font is proportional. So I tried to define a custom value with the .monospace number, but if I set that, it applies that value to the entire file, even though I didn’t set an isFixedPitch parameter in Font Info.

Just checking, this is for static exports only?

I didn’t try variable, I only tested static fonts so far.

If the space is not the same with then the other glyphs, it is not a proper monospaced font. So you shouldn’t set that flag.

My font is proportional. I have a set of .mono glyphs. I expect, if I set a .monospace value in my masters but not an isFixedPitch parameter in Font Info, that my glyphs project is not automatically set to monospaced. That’s what the parameters in my separate monospace exports are for.

The .monospace number is meant to make sure that all glyphs width are the same. It is not setting the isFixedPitch.
The monospace instances should be proper monospace font?