How to manipulate some keyboard commands in UK keyboard

I am making a Norwegian font. If you look at picture under, the Norwegian keyboard layout contains letters æøå and ¨ ´ . I want everyone outside Norway to use my font. How can I get some key functions like " ¨ " and " ´ " and " ^ " ) in uk keyboard. How can I manipulate som keyboard functions with scripting ? If you look at norwegian keyboard beside P, Å is " ¨ " . I want same functions for uk keyboard, how can I manipulate?



Please don’t mess with that. Those things can’t be handled on font level. The user can install different keyboard layouts if needed.

What you want is a keyboard layout. You would make these with for the Mac.

But somebody has beaten you to it already. The Mac UK keyboard can type most of these already, take a look with the keyboard viewer. And there is a more flexible Unicode keyboard (based on the US keyboard), which also allows you to enter combining marks.