How to move filters to a new computer?


Is there any way to move my filters to a new computer? I have some on an old laptop, and it would take a while to set them up again on my new device. Is there a chance to avoid this?

I think you should be able to copy the file at ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/CustomFilter.plist to the corresponding spot in the new machine.


It works! Thanks eliason! I searched in this folder, but did not understand what to look for. It turned out to be very easy :blush:

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Please don’t. Do take the time to reinstall them through the plug-in manager. Because the manager will keep the plugins updated as well.

@mekkablue i think he meant the sidebar filters not the filter plugins. The former need to be copied manually. The later should be reinstated from the plugin manager.

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Yes, I meant the sidebar glyph filters, as Georg said. Everything works fine now. Thank you!

Ah, my bad. Must have overlooked @eliason’s answer.

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