How to remove a palette from the sidebar?

I’m working on a palette plugin that duplicates the functionality of one of the default palettes (fit curve), so when my plugin loads I would like to remove the default fit curve palette. What’s the easiest way to do that?

That is not possible at the moment.

Came across this a while ago but have yet to try it.
Might help to at least reorder the palettes to your preference:

Sidenote: Would be curious to know how you are changing up the Fit Curve plugin

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@gor.jious thanks! I’m slowly looking through the ReorderPalettes code, as I don’t know any Objective-C so it’s a little difficult to understand. I’ll report back here if I figure out anything useful. I’m not sure if @GeorgSeifert means there’s absolutely no way to do it, or there’s no way to do it via Python, or there isn’t a nice wrapper but it might be possible to hack your way through pyobjc to do it.

And to answer your sidenote question, I’m not sure I can explain it very well. Basically for most glyphs you can select all paths (Cmd+A) and then click one of the dots on my “Fit Curve Better” plugin. If you use Fit Curve a lot, you know that a circle has a curve velocity of 55.2% if it’s made of 4 extrema points. If the points are somewhere else on the circle then 55.2% doesn’t work – they all need different velocities to make a circle. What my plugin does is compensate so that all curves appear to have the same velocity regardless of whether they’re 90° curves between extrema points or smaller curves less than 90° (over 90° works too).

A lowercase ‘c’ illustrates it sort of nicely. With Fit Curve, you’ll get a poor result on the short curves in the right half of the glyph if you just select everything and click once in the Fit Curve palette. With Fit Curve Better, it uses some math to make the short curves on the right half look the same as the 90° curves on the left half of the glyph.

Fit Curve:

Fit Curve Better:


:eyes: Care to elaborate or is this going to be a private plugin?