How to revert to previous Glyphs version

What’s the correct way to download a previous version for the Betas? I recall it was possible to put in a URL to get the previous versions? I know also when I update Glyphs, the old version just gets moved to the Trash, but I don’t always have it in there.

In case of beta versions, you will have to type, e.g., … at the end.

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Thanks but this for example doesn’t work?

Not every version is available for download anymore.

I clean out old version from time to time. “Glyphs2.3b-838” is the latest available version.

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Update link:

Hi there, could you send me link for previous version, I cant remember what was the exact numbering. I ve updated to 2.5 and it doestnt work in many moment for me very well. Thank you so much

The previous stable version is still the one linked above. The app that you have last used should be in the MacOS bin.

And you can open any file that you edited recently in a text editor. The second line shows the version number.

But can you explain what is not working?

Great, thanks, I found it in bin. There are some new option until I will find some time to read them all I just need to do same changes and export in previous version. Sorry for misundestanding.