How to Rotate Clone and Repeat

Hi there,

I am currently trying to create a webfont inside Glyphs. I know that I can do most common path transformations inside Glyphs, but I am having troubles by making repetitive tasks.

There is any way to repeat a transformation and cloning at the same time? This is posible in Adobe Illustrator by using the CMD + D shortcut. For example: you create a rectangle, clone it, then rotate it 45 deg and do the same with next clone. This way you can get a basic asterisk or spiral in just seconds.

Step-and-repeat operations are rare in type design, so they are not part of the default set of app functions. There is a script in my Scripts repository for that, called Paths > Rotate Around Anchor. I use it for asterisks.

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Hey thank so much for sharing the link to your scripts! Glad there’s a workaround for the process :smiley:

Although I agreed with you on the fact is not common for type design, I do think it is very common for general vector graphics design, including Font Icon design.

It would be just awesome be able to create a web font from scratch inside Glyphs without the need to use a 3rd party app like Illustrator.

I do not use illustrator for drawing anymore, I do it all in Glyphs. Also for stuff like this.

You can try to do the following: Draw the first element. Set up the transformation origin with the Rotate tool. Select the transformation origin in the transform panel. Set the rotation angle you need. Copy paste the path. Click the Rotate button in the transformation panel. Copy paste again and rotate again, repeat the last steps as often as needed.