How to scale a font

Hi folks,

Designed a font in illustrator on a canvas 1000 x 1000 points.

After importing 200+ glyphs I realised the font is very small.

I’ve looked into scaling an entire font so I’ve seen the various posts, and yet I still don’t understand how it works, as nothing happens no matter what I do. The exported font remains the same size. Font info > Change UPM.

Either there’s something wrong with my computer or I’m missing something.

Can someone assist? I’d greatly appreciate it!

There are several things that might be causing this.

first check

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Make sure you’re not just changing the UPM # in the dialog box in Font Info, there’s a scaling icon next to the input field which is the ‘Scale to UPM’ function.

To change the visual size of the font, you just change the UPM. Experiment a bit until you are happy. When you are really happy with the size, then you use the “Scale” button to scale it back to 1000.

OTOH: You might not even need to scale. Just leave it at the UPM. :man_shrugging:

This really confuses me!

Change the number and then click the scaling icon? That just brings up a box with the number I just changed…

Doesn’t make sense to me :confused:

What is the height of the cap /H in Illustrator, in points? Also, which version of Illustrator?

You either just change the number directly. This will change the size of the exported font. If you like to keep the size but need a different UPM, you use the scale button.

Is there anything to be cautious about when you scale the font by merely changing the UPM to something non-standard, like 1200, and leaving it at that?

I started with scaling it down and putting back to 1000 and then dealing with rounding, but is there a difference really?

Merely changing the UPM is much safer.

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