How to scale an entire font?

Hi everyone!

Recently, I figured out, that my font is quite large, compared to professional fonts like Calibri. The descender is -240, the ascender +800. I guess, that’s too large? As I’ve put some effort in it, I’m now looking for a way to scale the entire font down a bit…

Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Thanks so much :smiley:

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Scale it to a smaller UPM in Font Info > Font (the the arrow button next to the UPM value). Then set the UPM back to 1000 by typing in the text field.


works perfectly well, thank you! :blush:

Hey George,

I’m trying to do this but something is not right since the font isn’t scaling down for me? Help!

What exactly did you do? And what version do you have?

I have version 2.1. UPM is Units per eM right? It was at 512 and I scale it down to 430 then tried setting it back to 1000. Do I have to adjust the Descender and Ascender as well?

Sorry. I’m new to Glyphs.

I’m doing a font family and the “light” that I’m at is larger than the “regular.” I want them to be the same size even thought they are larger compared to professional fonts