How to scale to "Condesed"?

What is the most sensible way or a helpful tool to turn a narrow into a condesed?
My aim is to achieve the best possible “compression” (while retaining as many characteristics as possible, such as stem widths or arcs/curves) as a basis for aesthetic optimisation.
Thanks in advance!

  1. You are familiar with nudging (ctrl-opt-moving a node selection)?
  2. The RMX tools can help a lot, if you already have a MM setup.

I know about “nudging”, but it is “tedious” and does not help “in general”. Which of the RMX tools do you mean?

Type design is “tedious” by definition. :slight_smile:

RMX tools uses your masters to transform your outlines the way you want. Narrowing/widening while keeping your stroke value the same is one of the options. Note that when changing the width and keeping your strokes the same will change the overall color (=weight).

I know that it is complex ans tedious - and that is a good thing. I was just looking for a tool that would make the groundwork easier. The nitpicking then comes in the second step… (What’s the RMX tool I need? Tuner? Scaler?)

You know you can also nudge non-contiguous selections?

You can try to scale the glyphs with the Transform filter and then add some horizontal weight with the Offset Curve filter.

Sorry, I missed your answer or the hint … Unfortunately I really don’t know what it is or how it works!

You can nudge more than a single point at once. And they do not have to be next to each other on the outline.

As a first step, I recommend the RMX tools. You will still have to do a lot of manual shifting and nudging and correcting and cleaning. After a little while, you’ll get up to speed and I am pretty sure you won’t find it that tedious.