How to select/unlock a locked component?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but how can I select a locked component?

I just locked a component and now there does not seem to be any possibility whatsoever to select, unlock or delete it. That’s not the point of “locking”, is it?

The only way I can undo the locking is to edit the .glyphs file in a text editor.

Hovering over it and right-clicking works for me.

Thanks, that is how it works.

I was not expecting to interact with a specific element without selecting it first.

So, now I can unlock it but it seems selecting a locked component is not possible? This would be handy if I want to copy & paste it to a different glyph. Now I need to unlock it, select, copy it, then undo – oh, look, there’s my locked-and-selected component! – and then I can paste it.

I don’t think copy-pasting locked elements is something any software affords, but I might be wrong.

In the glyph editing window you may select any other path/component then press the “tab” key … it cycles the selections one by one until you get the Locked component selected !
This is also applicable as cycling nodes on a certain path.

This is actually a bug :wink:

Do you mean the ability to select a locked component or the option of TAB cycle selection ?

The ability to select locked components.

What exactly is the concept of locking components then?

I thought it was about preventing accidental shifts. If you make them selectable but not shiftable (when selected) that would perfectly suit my needs. I don’t see any benefit in making them non-selectable.

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If a left click on a locked component would select it the whole point would be lost, which for me is being able to draw paths near or over locked components, without all the time moving those components by accident.

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This is precisely what my suggestion to make them non-shiftable (but selectable) addresses. Very similar to auto-aligned components, btw.

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. How would you select them without left clicking it?

I would select them by left-clicking.

Selecting a locked component would prohibit drag select over it.

And selecting a locked element is counter intuitive, UX-wise, IMO

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Where is the difference between locked and auto-aligned elements, UI-wise?

Why should auto-aligned components be selectable but not locked ones?

Locking a components is mostly done if there are other things like nodes and you want to edit them without moving the component.

Locked guides behave exactly the same.