How to set Default Kerning?

Hey guys,

Im new to Glyphs, i have just created a new font and imported all my glyphs. How do i set a default level of kerning to all my glyphs?

If i have to Kern every single glyph combination, surely thats like 10,000 kerning groups i need to manually edit? This will take me months per font.

In struggling to get my head around kerning, can anyone help?


Just making an assumption here, but it seems to me you have not set your spacing yet. That comes before any kerning should be done. Read page 63 of the Glyphs manual, the old version will be fine. After you get your spacing right you should not need anywhere near 10,000 kern pairs.

Hey George,

Sorry for being a newb, are there any tutorials on default spacing?

There are any number of tutorials, including in manuals for font editors, generally downloadable or at least readable on the web. Try Google with “how to space glyphs in a font” which would be a good start. There may be something on Wikipedia also. There are several good books, but why buy one when you can start learning for free?

As for “default spacing”, it doesn’t exist as such. There are tried-and-true techniques for establishing spacing but that’s a subject too lengthy to describe here. At this link is a good starting tutorial from the experts at Glyphs: