How to set params for hhea table?

Hello, I exported an OTF font from Glyphs 3 with the following settings, but the “Typographic ascent” value in hhea table is different from the corresponding value in OS/2 table, causing different font rendering result in Google Chrome and Firefox. I want both values set to 840. How do I achieve that in Thanks.

There are custom parameters to control that. Have a look here for details. Vertical metrics | Glyphs

Hi there,
setting hheaAscender works.
A follow-up question, why the exported font’s hhea ascender value is different if not set explicitly in Glyphs? Is this on purpose?

The three values (typo, win and hhea) are historically grown and should not necessarily be the same as your actual ascender. For details, see the tutorial.

Each of them has been calculated automatically with a different algorithm. We are revising the calculation in a future major update.