How to set up the values for three axis variable font. How many masters?

One-glyph file, changing the shape to fit the page-size. Wider-taller — dimension One.
The Two is the vertical centerline in the shape — it moves left-right. The Three is movement of horizontal one to the up and down.
Six masters for all of them is enough, isn’t it?

Minimum number of masters = number of axis plus one. So four in your case:

|   C
|  /
| /

Any extra masters must be in a rectangular arrangement with the masters, so maximum 8 masters:

   /|       /|
  / |      / |
 /  |     /  |
B---|----F   |
|   C--------G
|  /     |  /
| /      | /
|/       |/

Only add the masters you need. Test first if it works without, only add if necessary. If only a few glyphs need it, consider a Virtual Master. See the Variable Font tutorial for details.


Awesome three-dimensional typing! :star_struck:


Thank You! Rainer! (Still impressed by Your Talk in Paratype))
Yes, I’ve seen the tutorials and these schemes too!
But I’m confused))) What the numbers do I have to put. And I still do not understand how it could work if none of four masters contain the all points I need. I attach the pic there is the all points I need, and each of them I set as a master.

3 axes? 7 masters.
Then the magic cube happens… 7 masters if the default is amidst the three axes, that is the power and Ui of variables?

Use Design space to interpolate to the middle instance 0f your 3 axes, make that 7th master the default, make the other 6 the extremes of 3 axes.


6 masters is for when one axis is 1/2 an axis,

Meekkablue: why do you want want the middle of the design space to be found with sliders, instead of being the default?

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So not

but rather

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Both strategies are possible, both have advantages and disadvantages. I discussed them in the Variable Font tutorial.

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Thanks to the Font Bureau!