How to show grid and rulers in application

How to show grid and rulers in application.

The grid displays automatically depending on the zoom level. If you are zoomed in wide enough so that displaying the grid would make sense, it displays.

There are no rulers. What is it that you are you trying to achieve, that you need a ruler for?

Or do you mean the measurement tool? Hold down Ctrl-Cmd-Opt simultaneously, and start dragging.

The point is that I’m trying to make icon font and have some icons which are some distance above baseline. So, I’m trying to find way to get them on the same level.

I have 500-700 units width glyphs. When grid appears with zoom it is already useless.

I found that I can change grid units in fort info and it appears sooner. But it destructs my outline.

Try the subdivision. The effective snapping is determined by grid step divided by subdivision.