How to temporarily disable a brace layer?

How can I temporarily disable a brace layer in Glyphs 3? In Glyphs 2 this was easy (just remove the closing brace, for example). In Glyphs 3, this seems to have become impossible?

Another issue I am noticing with brace layers in G3: If I press the little + button to duplicate the layer as a back-up it does not get the date and time added to the layer name. Which practically means both are still active? How do I know? Is one of them deactivated (the name is not bold any more)? Is it always the first one?

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Yes. And related: Intermediates Interpolation Helper Script - #3 by Mark

I’ll see if I can find a solution of this.

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Just found a hack that helps me deactivate a brace layer in most situations:

Setting a co-ordinate to an extremely high value usually means it is so far away from all the other masters that it is not used for intermediate instances (I happen to know how Glyphs determines the interpolation coefficients :wink:). I simply add 000 to the figure, which practically preserves the intended co-ordinate value (I am rather forgetful), and removing the 000 again re-activates the brace layer. Not a particularly robust or elegant solution, though.

You could write a script that converts the coordinates into a name (similar as it was set up in Glyphs 2) and back. It preserves the coordinate info and disables it as a brace layer.

Okay, with scripting anything is possible, I suppose. I’ll have a look.

Just a quick script to toggle the activation state (only bracket/brace):

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Thanks a lot, just what I need!

As it happens, I just solved the backup layer problem:

This is an old script of mine (which I still use daily) that simply creates backup layers, and now it also fixes (i.e. deactivates) brace layers.