How to test variable font in development

Hi, how do you guys/gals test variable fonts at development stage? I am using FontView from Google but it is a tedious process to test… refine - export - open - test - repeat. Would love to have a hot reload on FontView when export from Glyphs. Is there something inside Glyphsapp for testing? Thanks!

See the variable font tutorial. I listed a few ways of testing at the end.

(Not complete though, there are a few more test websites now. Will update the tutorial…)

There’s also Mark Frömberg’s plugin for testing variable fonts inside the Glyphs app.

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those are the same as using fontView but thanks

looks cool, wish Glyphs have this as a feature :slight_smile:

Huh? How?

Isn’t the same process? export, test, export, test? Maybe if there is something I can run locally I can export directly to the folder and the browser reloads

It has, once you install the plugin :wink:


Axis_Praxis and Font Gauntlet are both good resources.

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I enjoy dropping my work-in-progress variable file on :+1: