How to tile windows?

While working on 4 windows of a font family of 4 weights, is there a way to tile the window into 4 views for the 4 opened files?

I use Divvy for that.

Is there a chance we can expect the “Tile vertically…” as in FontLab?

Why? You can do that now already with the macOS full screen split. Or with an AppleScript. Or with software like Divvy. Advantage: these are solutions that work for all apps, not just one.

Good idea - I will use Mission control hot keys - works perfect. Thanks

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Do you mean sth like Arrange Windows ? I made it for exactly this purpose. You can install it from the Plugin Manager. Please read the instructions, it can handle multiple screens as well.

One I hit F10 on my keyboard, all windows are rearranged on the screen. Perfect. Look at my setting (System pref. \Mission control).