How to turn off snapping?


occasionally but regularly I get annoyed with over-eager snapping settings and would just like to disable them temporarily.

For example I have an “@” sign and would like to move the top most node left or right while keeping its control points. When I click the point and press alt to move only horizontally it snaps to various vertically near points (assuming here I have an “@” where the top curve, bottom curve, as well as the internal "a"s top and bottom curve, as well as their respective inside and outside extremes, are not vertically centred). It just snaps around left and right until I undo and move it with arrows keys instead. But there is other cases as well where this over-eager snapping is more annoying than helpful, or forces me to not use my stylus input device.

Other threads about this mention pressing ctrl, but this doesn’t seem to work in conjunction with alt at all. Also, I’d like to just turn it off and on again with a shortcut. Is it maybe implemented already and I just can’t find it?


I remembered the other very common use cause where snapping is an annoyance: Selecting multiple nodes and using the bounding box scale tool. It always snaps to closely to its original position, for example if I would like to scale it only about a percent or two.

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For such precise scaling, I still use the Info box because you can type the exact target size you want to scale it to.

Or, simply zoom in far enough. You will still see snapping, but you can go 1 unit further without much ado.

I use the infobox bounding box metrics a lot also, only they don’t support alt dragging that keeps handles in place. Nor does zooming in work for when I have portion spanning some of the entire glyph selected. But it’s also with dragging single nodes where sometimes I’d just like to freeform draw and drop it where it looks right, without having overly much assistance from snapping.

Suppose this is a feature request for a “turn snapping off” option, then. :smile:

I find snapping unwelcome more often than I welcome it. I have argued in the past for a preference to reverse the default behaviour of snapping on by default and off with Control. That would solve kontur’s problem too.

This seems like a pretty fundamental issue in the use of Glyphs. Using a modifier to snap seems like a good conceptual fit to using Shift to constrain. I wouldn’t want to force it on users, but I see no downside to a choice, and I’m surprised there has been so little discussion about it.

I would welcome this as well. I think the ability turn snapping on/off via preferences seems very reasonable.

Apologies if this has been covered following the new update in August, but I must say the very subtle change to the way the handles react in the new build is spectacular. Bravo!

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