How to type DEGREE º symbol in glyphs font

Hi all. I just added a º degree symbol to my typeface, which is usually alt+zero on the keyboard… what is it for a glyphs font?
is there a way to see the keyboard shortcut in Glyphs? And if so, is there a way to customise it?

The symbol you typed in this post is not the degree symbol (°), but the “masculine ordinal” symbol (º).

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You don’t need a shortcut to type a character. You just need to type the character that you need. If you keyboard does not support the character you can use the systems character panel.

If you have a glyph that does not respond to a keystroke, you most likely have the wrong glyph name or unicode.

Thanks CatharsisFonts, yes I see now that was the masculine oridnal… degree symbol on mac is alt+shift+8 ° not alt+zero º
Side by side you see the differnce °º