How to use instances for variable weights

I am currently trying to make the in between weights for a san serif font. I have 4 masters (X-Light, Light, Med, Black) and would like to use instances to create the in-between weights. From what I understand, I should be able to just change the weights in the instances panel. Ex: If XLight Master is 50 and Light is 150 then I would make the in-between weight 100.
However, the letters begin to morph as I change the weight more than 50 points. What is causing this to happen/what am I doing wrong?

Also, I started out with only two masters, a light and a bold, however this problem of the letters becoming odd shapes is what caused me to make more masters. If its possible to make variable weights with only two masters that would be much preferred.

Hope this makes sense.

Most of the time 2 masters will do.
Try to Correct Path Direction, It’s under Paths > Correct Path Direction.
You should do this for each glyph in each master.

Here’s a nice tutorial:

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