How to use license on second machine?

I have license for Glyphs for my desktop. Can I use this license to install on a second computer as well (e.g. laptop)? If so, how?

Yes. You take the license file and use it to activate it on the other machine.

How many computers can one license to be activate on?

You can use the license file on all machines that you use yourself.

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But I saw that in Software licensing agreement (EULA) for the ‘Glyphs’ font editor
Permitted use includes the installation of the contract software, the loading thereof into the main memory and the use thereof by the customer on no more than 2 computers in accordance with the terms of contract.
I can only use the license file on 2 machines of mine,right?

You can install it on all of your own machines as long as you only use it yourself and only 2 copies are active at a time. I’ll have a look to make it easier to understand in the EULA text.

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If I buy a license from ,how can I get the invoice?

You get the invoice through the sales platform we use.

I need help with this issue as well. I purchased Glyphs Mini last July, but last night my computer crashed. I moved it to my laptop because I was able to recover some of my files through a backup, but the registration can’t be used after the initial two weeks as I understand it. So I need another one sent to use on my temporary laptop and that can still be used once I purchase a new desktop for my work. Can someone please help me with a contact for this. Thanks, Mystie

You need to apply the license by dragging it on the app. If you don’t have the license file, send an email to office at this domain.