How to use pytorch in macro panel

Excuse me, would you happen to know how to use PyTorch in Macro Panel? I would really appreciate your help with this.

You would have to use your own Python installation, then you have access to whatever you install there. See the Extending Glyphs tutorial.

I set my own Python in Glyphs and the address that I obtained was:

but the address of the Python that I normally use is:

How can I replace the address of my own Python in Glyphs with the address of the Python that I normally use?

Have you selected your python installation in Preferences > Addins?

Both of the installed pythons should work with PyTorch. Only the python that you can install from the plugin manager doesn’t.

I have installed it and below are three screenshots showing how I use it. I use Glyphs 3.1.2.

You need to make sure to install PyTorch for the python you are using. The last screenshot says that you use the python from “Library/Frameworks…”. Pick the same in Glyphs.

Thank you so much. It’s resolved.