How to use the app for create Arabic & Latin font from scratch

Hi everyone, i need to know the full steps for creating Arabic & Latin font from scratch which didn’t found any complete tutorials or videos show this steps,
before i was using :

  • illustrator - for glyphs design
  • fontcreator - for make font character map
  • microsoft volt - for adding opentype features
    now i decided to use glyphsapp and illustrator but i didn’t found the complete tutorials creating Arabic & Latin font.


You’re asking someone to reply with a graduate-level textbook. Type design is huge and complicated. Just slow down and learn as you go.

Thanks for your reply, and i know Type design is complicated which i already created arabic & latin font [ ] but what i mean the steps for using this glyphsapp exact which the tutorials not fully just some little steps !! other apps have fully tuts but this app doesn’t have more so this what i asking about… thanks

Hi @mandooox

If you want to know what is the workflow that Glyphs suggest for an Arabic font, you can check the Glyphs file of Cairo . That font has been developed using the Arabic repertoire and glyph name scheme suggested by Glyphs. If you see the features, all features have been generate automatically by Glyphs. You only need to draw the suggested glyph (by Glyphs) in the proper box in order Glyphs take care of the feature syntax for you. You can take Cairo as a guide for glyphs, anchor, name.

Let me know if this is helpful.



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I recommend the following:

  1. Read and try all the Basics tutorials on the Tutorials page.
  2. Get familiar with the terms compound (or composite) glyphs and components.
  3. Get familiar with anchors. Learn how diacritics are composed.
  4. Get familiar with recipes.
  5. Learn to use and understand the information in Window > Glyph Info, learn to break down Arabic composites into their components, and how to create those in the Font Tab, Sidebar > Languages > Arabic.

There are plenty of tutorials about these topics. Most of them are universal to type design, so, not specific to, but also necessary for Arabic. You will find tutorials with Latin examples mostly, but the technology is the same.

There is also an Arabic tutorial, written for Glyphs 1 and in the process of being updated for Glyphs 2. But the workflow is still pretty much the same, and you should get off to a good start with it.

Before you use Illustrator for type design, please read these first, and decide for yourself:

Oh, and there is also an Arabic tutorial video on the Get Started page, again, recorded with Glyphs 1, most of the stuff in there (e.g. placing anchors) is much easier now, but the workflow is the same still.

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Great i will check this… thank man

okay i will see this tuts and videos again, really thanks for this info… regards