HT Letterspacer does not start + HTLS Manager bug

Hello there, I apologise in advance if it’s on my end, it might very well be but I’m scratching my head!

I have the 3.2 (3185) version of Glyphs 3 installed. Upon trying to start HT Letterspacer, nothing happens. Neither when I click the HT Letterspacer UI or HT Letterspacer scripts. I do have the correct config file and correct parameters in my font.

I also have this issue upon starting the HTLS Manager.

I tried deinstalling everything and reinstalling, but even without the scripts, I still receive this message upon starting Glyphs:
Capture d’écran 2023-04-11 à 15.54.56

I am a bit confused and would appreciate any help please :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Uninstall and reinstall the modules in Plugin Manager

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Thank you very much! Deleting and resinstalling FontTools, Python and Vanilla did the trick. I don’t know how I didn’t thought of it, but thank you, I really needed HT haha!

Only re-installing vanilla would do the trick.

I am having the same problem, ‘HTLS Manager required’ on startup.
I deleted and re-installed the plugin, deleted and re-installed all the modules. No luck.
Any ideas?

Hello, can it be that you have the plugin “Show HT Letterspacer Areas” installed? This is where this popup comes from.

Since Glyphs 3.2, imports are handled differently somehow, which is why the plugin can’t import the HTLSManager module. Georg, please advise :sweat_smile:

For the time being, the “fix” is to uninstall the Show HT Letterspacer Areas plugin. I’ll try and fix the imports.

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Wonderful, thanks SCarewe.
I uninstalled HTLS Areas, and that seems to have worked.

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